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A note from our president on March 19

Praise God for the end of another successful week and an opportunity to reflect in this midnight hour, before the hopeful next begins. The past seven days have been a roller coaster of sorts complete with precipitous ascents and abrupt plunges, both leaving my stomach on the ground as I prepare for the next turn in the track. One minute, we are buying property to catch the growth, and the next we are putting for-sale signs in the front yard as I float another 120-day late payment. The fact that I can even step off the ride with a smile on my face is a testament to God’s faithfulness and a reminder that it will forever be His economy and only His goodness that sees us through.

One of the biggest changes in the now near five years of business ownership has been the span in days between my climb up the mountain and the plummet into the valley below. No matter how many times I leave the ground, soaring to new heights gleaning both wisdom and discernment, the enemy wails loudly that the earth’s surface is just a few feet away and that my crash landing will be no-less dramatic. It is in these seconds that God appears more present in song than in dance. The insight obtained from such descents understands no boundary. God has been so good and so faithful, and His use of the blackboard and the canvas leave me floored. He is awesome and His giving is unregulated by logic. I have been left speechless trying to understand the depths of which His provision resonates and how He can flood the barn a millisecond after I cry out. His grace knows no measure of resources to extract, and He really only seems to just begin after I have reached the end of mine.

He has never failed me. He has never not once provided. He has never left me on the path by myself, and He has never left me desperate. Quail and manna have rained around me for as long as I can remember and the streams of living water have never run dry, no matter how barren the land is perceived to be. Jesus Christ is the Good Shepherd and will always be, and life without Him will remain meaningless.

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Trey Assunto


Trey Assunto

President of War Horse Industrial with 22 years of experience in the oil and petrochemical industry of the Gulf Coast.
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