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War Horse Industrial proudly partners with Bray. For over 30 years Bray has been a leader in the flow control industry. Bray's valves, actuators, and accessories have a broad range of compatibility without compromising on quality and performance. Thanks to decades of field testing Bray is able to deliver high quality products at an affordable and durable price point. Bray's product line meets or exceeds the stringent requirements of the flow control industry. They have a battle tested reputation for uncompromising excellence and quality and the best value. Bray is a full integrated provider of valve, actuator, and control products.

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The Ultimate Critical Service Triple Offset Valve

Triple Offset Quarter Turn Valves:. These valves use a replaceable seat/seal system. Tri Lok Series valves feature independent field replacement of both the seat and the seal ring. Should service conditions change, seat and seal ring materials may be substituted, without replacing the entire valve. Maintenance, downtime and costs are substantially reduced extending the overall service life of the valve.

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Metal to Metal Sealing Principle

Tri Lok’s geometry immediately disengages the entire seal ring from the seat upon opening rotation, which eliminates rubbing between these materials.

  1. Torque Seated
  2. Non-Rubbing
  3. Thru Rotation
  4. Resilient Seal Ring

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Triple Offset Technology Applications

Compared to gate, globe or ball valves of the same size and pressure class, Tri Lok provides space and weight savings while minimizing installation and maintenance costs. Tri Lok is a premier isolation valve, well suited for operation in light vacuum to high pressure. The standard, non-rubbing, metal-to-metal sealing system is inherently firesafe. Applications requiring absolute zero leakage are ideally suited for triple offset technology.

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Nota Bene The text of this page come from the Bray Tri Lok datasheet. Please review the sheet.

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