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  • Exotic Materials for Special Service – Chlorine, Oxygen, Phosgene, Acid, etc..
  • Fully Lined Valves – Butterfly, Plug, Ball, Gate and Weir
  • Bubble Tight Shutoff Capabilities
  • Double Block and Bleed
  • High Temperature/Cold Temperature Seat Materials – Metal, Graphite, Firesafe, Peek, TFE, Buna, Kel F, etc..
  • Custom Take Out Dimensions Available
  • Forgings and Castings
  • Severe Service Valves – EBV/IBV, Cryogenic, Low Ferrite and Nuclear
  • 2-Way, 3-Way, 4-Way, 6-Way and Diverter Valve Patterns
  • Pressure Reducing Regulators
  • Critical Service Packing and Gasket Options – Live Load, High Temp, Fugitive Emissions, Sealed Bearings, Kalrez. Etc.
  • Certified Drawings and Calculations Provided
  • Local Inventory Available for Rapid Response
ATI Actuation


Pneumatic, Electric, Electric/Hydraulic, Manual, Spring Diaphragm

  • Large Scotch Yoke and Rack/Pinion
  • Electric Options for Both Quarter Turn, Linear and Control Applications
  • Gas Over Hydraulic and Electric Over Hydraulic for Pipeline Use
  • Pneumatic Linear Actuation Packages Available
  • Hydraulic Actuator Options
  • Vane Style
  • Damper Drives
  • Remote Valve Operator Systems
  • All Spare Parts – Control Stations, Thrust Bases, Transition Plates, Stem Nuts, Couplings, etc.


ATI Actuation Package

Actuation Package Accessories

Limit Switches, Solenoids, Fusible Links, Needle Valves, Tubing and Fittings, Airsets, Positioners, etc.

  • Dynatorque D-Stops
  • Gear Operators
  • Manual and Hydraulic Overrides
  • Hand Wheel Extensions
  • Mounting Hardware
  • Fire Blankets – Field and Shop Retrofits Available; KMASS also available
Tank Protection

Tank Protection

Regulators, Blanketing Valves, Combination Vents, Flame Arrestors, Tank Gauging

  • Pressure and Vacuum Combination Vents
  • Buckling Pin Valves
  • Nitrogen Blanketing Valves
  • Flame and Detonation Arrestors Available
  • Tank and Product Mixers
  • Rupture Discs
Liquid and Gas Level Measurement Instruments

Liquid and Gas Level Measurement

Sight Glasses, Sight Flow Indicators, Magnetic Gauges, Rotameters, Boiler Gauges

  • Stocking 1 Section – 5 Section Transparent and Reflex Armored Gauge Packages
  • Full Service Weld Shop for Custom Fabrication, Bridles, Pipe Makeup and Tie-Ins
  • Certified Drawings, ISOs, IFCs and Other Documentation Available
  • Complete Inventory Available for All Recommended Spare Parts – Floats, Valves, Glass, Gaskets, Bolting, Shields, etc.
Piping and Equipment Instruments

Piping and Equipment

Blinds, Grating, Pumps, Strainers, Orifice Plates, Mats, Hoses, Pumps and Thermowells

  • Blinds – Line, Vent and Bleed
  • Orifice Plates – Restriction, Paddle Type, Exotic Materials and Ratings – Same Day Service
  • Strainers – Basket, Y-Pattern, Witch’s Hat, etc.
  • Mufflers and Silencers
  • Pumps and Pump Systems – Silverback Solutions
  • Stainless Braided Hoses and Compression Fittings
  • DEFI Grating and Cat Walks
  • Apex Trench and Mat Services
  • Gulf Sensors and BBP Sensors – Thermowells and Couplings
  • Fire Suppression 
Field Instruments

Field Instruments

Transmitters, Wireless Capabilities, Pneumatic Controllers, Radar, etc..

  • Condition 1 Diagnostic Cases – FM Approved, Submersible, Intrinsically Safe
  • IMI Vibration Monitoring
Field and Shop Services

Field and Shop Services

  • Forgetech – In Service Tank Repair and Valve Leak Sealing Services
  • Valve Repair – All Types, Makes and Manufacturers – Class A Repair, Certified Testing, Certified Welding services
  • VAC – Certified Valve Automation Centers in Our Network – From Houston to Baton Rouge
  • EPC Assistance and Certified Drawings through Costal Automation Services
  • ValveCon – Valve Repair, Valve Modifications, Hard Facing, Chrome Plating, Boron Diffusion, Lancing, Steam Tracing, Jacketing, etc.
  • Metering Services – Calibration, Replacement, Tracking, Data Entry – Field and Shop Assistance Available

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