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A note from our president on Monday, January 3, 2022

Praise God we are rolling into the new year with an office full of new supplies ready to ship tomorrow morning. As I mentioned before, this was the busiest “last week of December” I can remember. It was absolutely nuts and still more fun than what should be legal.

A friend of mine extended his compliments to me at church this morning on a job well done in 2021 and exclaimed that we must be “living right” to receive the bounty that has been bestowed upon us. While I do appreciate his remarks, truth be told I’m not living right. I don’t eat like I should; I usually do not love without some sort of motive; I’m impatient with my kids; I don’t spend enough quality time with my wife; I’ve lost my temper more times than I care to admit; I lust after fiberglass; and if you give me enough time, I can fill a three-ring binder with many more confessions from the facade of “living life right.”.

The daily bread pictured below, and the blessings that lie just behind the curtain, did not fall in my lap because of anything I did. The only thing good in me is Jesus Christ. I’m only responding to what He has already done. I’m only responding to His goodness, His generosity, His allowance and His love, which was lavishly poured out in the midst of my sin. His sacrifice cleared the slate, and the common denominator of a life lived right and the manna that comes from it, is the hand of God Jehovah alone.

Romans 7

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Trey Assunto


Trey Assunto

President of War Horse Industrial with 22 years of experience in the oil and petrochemical industry of the Gulf Coast.
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