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A note from our president on Wednesday, May 26, 2021

“All the cancer is gone, every mouth is fed, there is no one left in the orphan’s bed. Every lonely heart finds their one true love, there’s no more goodbyes, no more not enough and no more enemy. No more.” Steven Curtis Chapman, 2009

This evening, we are celebrating my son’s induction into the presidency of his school’s student council organization and the success and recognition he is receiving from a select basketball team. I am undeniably proud of him but as the night comes to a close, my heart is broken and my stomach sits in my ankles having just learned of a friend who lost his 3-year old in a tragic accident.

I have paced around the house, prayed unceasingly and cried out to God for an answer as to why, all the while also begging God to protect my three year old. I can only imagine, and truthfully don’t want to, the living hell of a nightmare that family is enduring.

In my life, I have counseled a few who have lost children. There is more listening than talking, more questions than answers, more skepticism than faith. I have learned in my walk with Jesus that the reason it’s an acute season is because we were not created to deal with it. Death came on the scene as a result of sin, which was not present in the garden when Adam was created. It’s obvious I’m not equipped to handle it, nor the news of it, very well.

But, digging deep and trusting what I do know, this child is dancing for the one true King tonight. Jesus Christ walked him into the greatest room this universe will ever come to see and a reconciliation with God Almighty Himself was the dominant headline again. Tears, removed. Pain, extinguished. Death, destroyed.

Do not lose heart. There is a glory coming beyond all comparison.

Trey Assunto


Trey Assunto

President of War Horse Industrial with 22 years of experience in the oil and petrochemical industry of the Gulf Coast.
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