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A note from our president on Friday, December 4, 2020

‘The strength of patience hangs on our capacity to believe that God is up to something good for us in all our delays and detours.’ John Piper

Life, at times, can appear to be a six lane construction project in the middle of 7AM Houston traffic. Fatigue and exhaustion knock at the door and throwing in the towel becomes more prevalent as the virtue of patience moves further away. Schedules move at 110 miles an hour, both at work and at home, with no reprieve, and most days I’m in despair wondering how much time is unproductive.

John the Baptist, while sitting in a cold jail cell, started to doubt and wonder if he had made the right decision to follow Jesus as fatigue and exhaustion, mixed with distress, settled in. John sent word to Jesus asking what he should do and Jesus sent word back to ‘wait and see’.

I realize my walk in life is very different than one who is wrongfully accused sitting inside a jail cell. However, when life is chaos with elements of despair, I lack clarity second-guessing what Jesus is up to and if He still wants me with Him on the journey. I too doubt and wonder.

Be strong brothers and sisters. Take refuge in the Lord. While sometimes hard to understand, the season is on purpose. He wants your attention. He wants you to be patient. He wants you to ‘wait and see’. When we follow Christ every step is on purpose. Hold on a little longer. The harvest will yield 100 fold and leave us speechless.


Trey Assunto


Trey Assunto

President of War Horse Industrial with 22 years of experience in the oil and petrochemical industry of the Gulf Coast.
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