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Do Not Forget Joseph

A note from our president on March 29, 2022

“The chief cupbearer however did not remember Joseph; he forgot him.” Genesis 40:23

I remember several years ago standing in the attic with my wife looking at all of the baby stuff we had accumulated over the previous 10 years. It was springtime and the next page in the book of life was upon us. We prayed, filled out applications, spent money, and stood on faith waiting for a second child to be placed in our home. It was obvious that our plans were not God’s and as difficult as that was to swallow, we both knew His will, no matter the number of pages used in the opus, would always be perfect. We found homes for the toys and emotionally surrendered our dreams encouraging other new parents to run their race, celebrating birth announcements, first steps and potty training.
It was work to move past feeling like God had forgotten about us. Opportunities for Satan to attack seemed to hemorrhage from the walls. We were very happy having one child, if that’s what God wanted, but I could not help feel like there was something more. I could not help but feel like God blessed us with the finances and the love for more children. While we did end up giving everything away, deep down I patiently waited, preparing my heart to say yes whether the phone call would come or not.

Joseph spent two years in prison waiting for another opportunity to be recognized. The situation seemed hopeless and the odds of deliverance were overwhelming as the depressing view loomed in. But, he stayed faithful to God knowing deep down the story was not over and the One who holds the pen has the final word. He interpreted dreams and found favor in the positions he was placed. God‘s perfect plan unfolded and secured him in seats of honor far beyond anything he could’ve ever imagined. What was once hopeless had now been reversed and as dry bones were resuscitated the celebration in heaven became deafening again.

Be encouraged brothers and sisters. Given the darkness on every single channel of social media, your circumstances may appear irreversible. The “last days” seem closer than they have ever been. But there is One who illuminates the way and rest in Him yields endless possibilities sealing promised deliverance and resurrection from the current dismal situation. Jesus Christ is for you and that story is far from over. The page turns and as a hop, skip and a jump past that day in our attic revealed, your own blonde hair blue-eyed chapter awaits.

Trey Assunto


Trey Assunto

President of War Horse Industrial with 22 years of experience in the oil and petrochemical industry of the Gulf Coast.
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