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Singing praises

A note from our president on April 21, 2022

Praise God for another set of extended blessings and daily bread provided beyond anything we could have conjured up on our own. Because of His generosity and the perfectly timed manna that resulted, we were fortunate enough to execute opportunities bestowed from Canada to Florida, picking up new customers and being invited to supply products as a preferred vendor in nearly all of these new accounts. Nothing quite like watching crops bear fruit before your very eyes.

My inability to stay true to God’s calling in my life is a stark reminder that my flesh will forever bark at the door of assumed freedom until it is my turn to go home. The line is thin, and one grain of sand seems to stand between me living a life that honors Christ versus one that rests in the hands of the temptation of the day. Asking God to remove the thorn in my flesh sounds cliché and often times like a broken record until you have the clarity to see the bowl of vomit sitting in front of you. The train wreck that follows after I dive headfirst into it separates me from God and leaves my feet just shy of walking in the door to a room full of presents on Christmas morning. Understanding that I am the paralytic by the pool, the blind man who refuses to see, an expired Lazarus, a barren Sarah, a deceitful Jacob and an adulterous David is only step one to understanding how much I need the Cross.

Praise God for His death, His resurrection, His immeasurable love and for His forgiveness. Daily, it becomes increasingly clear that without Him there’s absolutely no transcendent peace, no answered prayers, no real truth and no life worth living.

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Trey Assunto


Trey Assunto

President of War Horse Industrial with 22 years of experience in the oil and petrochemical industry of the Gulf Coast.
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