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Blessing flow like honey

A note from our president on July 20

“Martha was distracted by all of the preparations that had to be made…” Luke 10:38-41

Blessings seem to flow like honey these days at the office. We are currently in the process of opening another business to complement the one we have. I never would have believed that in just 4 1/2 short years, we would be here. The growth has been unparalleled by anything work related I’ve ever experienced. This endeavor continues to leave me in a pool of emotion and gratitude, as the results abandon all tangible evidence, finding trust in the Lord alone for what is around the next corner. Like many families today, our household moves at the speed of light. Running to the grocery store, basketball practice, summer two-a-days, dance and the occasional birthday party are only cake toppers in an already bustling lifestyle. Yes, there are roses in the garden, but I’ve been too busy lately to notice, and truth be told even regulated breathing these days seems like a luxury.

With our business off the ground and maintaining altitude, time for anything relaxing seems almost nonexistent. We are looking at new horizons and new opportunities to employ people and give as much back as possible. And while I know these two desires honor the Lord, this day I am reminded that when the King is present, all other activities should cease to exist. His audience is what I live for and an acute understanding of life without Him being as good as the putrid trash in the bottom of my garbage can, pierces anything “business” my mind can possibly implore.

Pouring everything I own on the feet of Jesus, exclaiming Who my provider is, and Who my protector will forever be, is the most important act of work I could ever do. Daily truth of why we wash feet starkly reminds me that gold is road pavement in the Kingdom of Heaven and a whisper from the Holy Spirit points out that today, the dishes can wait.

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Trey Assunto


Trey Assunto

President of War Horse Industrial with 22 years of experience in the oil and petrochemical industry of the Gulf Coast.
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