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The stress of turn around

A note from our president on February 6, 2023

Praise God for all of the blessings we received last week. The days continue to bleed into the nights, as impending start-ups linger, and it becomes difficult to know whether you are coming or going. I continue to stand in awe of how well my mind works in seasons of little sleep and high stress. I’m amazed by how generous my Lord and Savior continues to be despite the abuse I’m so willing to accept. Praise Him for every breath, no matter the duration of the vapor. Earlier this week, one of our drivers was involved in an accident. An unlicensed motorist traveling at a high rate of speed, hit our truck from the side, rolling it over and spreading its cargo all over the Houston highway. Miraculously, no one was hurt and the cargo somehow managed to avoid other vehicles in the area. Our driver was able to crawl through one of the broken windows and escape with only a small laceration on his thumb.

There were two valves in the backseat, weighing approximately 40 pounds each. Either one of these devices could have easily crushed his skull, and more than likely would have killed him had they made contact in the turbulence. Yet, when the police rolled the truck over on its axles, both valves were still sitting perfectly where they were before the accident. It’s as if someone was sitting in the back holding them down.

I’ve had devout believing friends, lose children. I’ve had infertile, believing friends, conceive a dozen. I’ve had great friends who love Jesus, make millions and I’ve had great friends who love Jesus go bankrupt. The when, the why and the how is well above my pay grade. Solomon sang of God’s glory as gold flowed from heaven, and Steven worshiped the Almighty as Roman stones were thrown at his head. I have lived on both sides of the fence in one way or another and when it’s my turn to stand in the fire, I will shout of His goodness and His perfection. I will shout of His saving grace, and I will shout of His miraculous ways. I’m sure there will be times I don’t understand just as there has already been. But He alone is majestic, He alone is the Author of this world, He alone is Yahweh and He alone is divine. Whether I feel like it or not and whether the shouting comes with ease or the midst of great sorrow, He alone will remain worthy.

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Trey Assunto


Trey Assunto

President of War Horse Industrial with 22 years of experience in the oil and petrochemical industry of the Gulf Coast.
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