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Year in Review

A note from our president on December 29, 2022

Praise God for another round of blessings and gifts this past holiday week. As the distance grows between my prayer life and the number of hours spent “owning” the business, I remain blown away by the kindness and patience of my Savior. I do not deserve what I have been given, not even a tenth of it. And yet He sees to it that we are not only fed but also clothed in more splendor than Solomon’s glory. Despite the number of times I re-enter the wilderness, manna and quail continue to fall from the sky and my appetite is satisfied again and again.

As the year comes to a close, most of my days become filled with legal and financial meetings. Questions and discussions are posed in an effort to gain clarity and strength as we look ahead to what’s next and how we position ourselves for it. In one of those meetings the question “when is it enough” was asked. Truth be told, I passed “enough” a couple of decades ago. I love my wife and love my children, and I love what I do and the customers I get to serve, but these days my eyes are more vertical than they have ever been. If we continue to grow, great. If we build another office, great. If we buy more inventory, great. And if we don’t, then that is ok too. My soul craves the Living Water in ways it never has, and my eyes remain focused on the hill. My prayer is that any expense and any strategic move for stability is directed towards the coming King and that He is more, and I am less.

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Trey Assunto


Trey Assunto

President of War Horse Industrial with 22 years of experience in the oil and petrochemical industry of the Gulf Coast.
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